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A Users Guide

Audiotrix Records has now been open for just over 3 years and although it hasn’t always been easy , we will continue to do our best to bring you a floor filingly delectable selection,serving up the tougher side of everything thats funky while keeping you stocked up with underground electro goodies that we've personally tried and tested .
Our aim is to stock only the Fattest cuts that are guaranteed to the have desired effect on the dancefloor at any time of day and night , catering for all events from small house parties via barbeques and festivals to international Mega Raves …
In a world where genres change faster than alot of people change their socks more and more people appreciate a good multi genre Dj mash up where similar tempos are more important than style .
So we’re trying to keep things reasonably simple  ........

Everything with a 4 Beat from Funky to Banging you’ll find in the Techno/Electro section

Everything that is Electro Swing/Balkan/Global Beats or Latino Flavoured will be situated in our Sax on Wax department.

Nu/Ghetto Funk + Bootleg and Mash Ups can be found in Nu-Funk/Booty Area ....

Our own Labels Audiotrix and Biobeats + our Sister Label Expressillon all have their own Sections ......

You can also search by Label and Artist so once you’ve located  a sound you appreciate you should be able to pinpoint more of the same.
Important things to note are .....?1.If you're a customer from outside France ordering more than 3 records , please take the slightly more expensive insured shipping option.The non insured option exists because otherwise it was not possible for us to send single records to customers outside France , the cost of shipping being too expensive.
2.If a record is listed as Out of Stock , it normally means that it will be restocked at some point.If you want a record that is listed as Out Of Stock , please don't hesitate to use the contact form to request that we re-order it.
And if you're already a customer - Thanks for shopping Audiotrix !